Installing the ZD&T License Server


These topics cover requirements for installing and configuring the ZD&T License Server, including network connectivity, memory and storage requirements.

  • Virtualization Software (This doc assumes you are using Virtualbox)
  • 4GB Memory
  • 10GB Disk space
  • 1 CPU / Core

1. Downloading the OVA

Download the OVA from the link shared with you.

2. Importing OVA

You can import the OVA using VirtualBox GUI. However, we suggest the use of the Command Line Interface (CLI) for the import as this will make process a lot faster than doing from GUI.

Open the command prompt and navigate to the OVA download location and run the following command:

vboxmanage import PM_Lic_server.ova

If you want to customize the privisioned VM with command options you can use --dry-run to display all the avalable options:

vboxmanage import PM_Lic_server.ova --dry-run

When you run the above command you will be shown the following output. It will not import the VM:

C:\Users\Admin\Downloads>vboxmanage import PM_Lic_server.ova --dry-run
Interpreting C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\PM_Lic_server.ova...
  vmdisk1       966367641600    -1       PM_Lic_server-disk001.vmdk      -1      -1

Virtual system 0:
 0: Suggested OS type: "RedHat_64"
    (change with "--vsys 0 --ostype <type>"; use "list ostypes" to list all possible values)
 1: Suggested VM name "PM_Lic_server"
    (change with "--vsys 0 --vmname <name>")
 2: Suggested VM group "/"
    (change with "--vsys 0 --group <group>")
 3: Suggested VM settings file name "E:\VM images\ZPDT_Test\PM_Lic_server\PM_Lic_server.vbox"
    (change with "--vsys 0 --settingsfile <filename>")
 4: Suggested VM base folder "E:\VM images\ZPDT_Test"
    (change with "--vsys 0 --basefolder <path>")
 5: Number of CPUs: 1
    (change with "--vsys 0 --cpus <n>")
 6: Guest memory: 2048 MB
    (change with "--vsys 0 --memory <MB>")
 7: Network adapter: orig NAT, config 3, extra slot=0;type=NAT
 8: IDE controller, type PIIX4
    (disable with "--vsys 0 --unit 8 --ignore")
 9: IDE controller, type PIIX4
    (disable with "--vsys 0 --unit 9 --ignore")
10: Hard disk image: source image=PM_Lic_server-disk001.vmdk, target path=PM_Lic_server-disk001.vmdk, controller=8;channel=0
    (change target path with "--vsys 0 --unit 10 --disk path";
    disable with "--vsys 0 --unit 10 --ignore")

For the purpose of this document we are only using the --vmname option to change the VM name

vboxmanage import PM_Lic_server.ova --vsys 0 --vmname=pm_lic_server

Once the import is completed you should see the similar output as below:


3. Customize the VM

Open the VirtualBox GUI and go to the newly created VM Settings > Network. The default network option is shown "Nat Adapter" you can change it to whatever fits your needs. Just make sure that this VM will be able to communicate with the other Z&DT popup Mainframe VM's

Once you completed the configuration start the VM; log in as root user with password sandhata123;

Generate License

Once logged in as root execute the below command to generate the license file



zPDT/LDK license request started.
fingerprint status 0
The request file created is: ~/


The generated <hostname> file in the root home folder contains a fingerprint of the license server. You need to send this file to your IBM licensing partner. In return, you will receive an * file from your licensing partner

Once the update license file is received from IBM upload that to server and execute the below command in the folder where this file is uploaded. This will complete the licensing process

/opt/IBM/LDK/update_license <hostname>

To see the licenses status you can execute the below command


Page last revised on: 2023-03-20