Quick Start (How do I?...)

Setup my PopUp Mainframe?

See Setup and Deployment

Configure / Tailor my PopUp Mainframe?

See PopUp Configuration

Start my PopUp Mainframe?

To start, login to the ZD&T linux host using ibmsys1 user and execute the script ./ipl

For a full reference guide please go the IBM RedBook.

Stop my PopUp Mainframe?

To shutdown ZD&T, as user ibmsys1 navigate to the home directory and execute the script ./shutdown

For a full reference guide please go the IBM RedBook.

View the ZD&T Master Console?

For debugging the mainframe we have created a 3270 connection to master console using text based 3270 client and added it to a screen session

  • to connect to master console from user ibmsys1 execute con1

    Note: do not quit this session directly

  • to disconnect from the session use ctrl + a, d

For a full reference guide please go the IBM RedBook.

View console logs?

Login into the popup mainframe using ibmsys1 user. Go into folder /home/ibmsys1/z1090/logs. All the ZD&T logs are stored here. The file starting with log_console_ is the zd&t console log.

we created a utility to view the live logs on the web, open your favourite web browser and navigate to the http://<popup-vm-ip>:9001 you will see the log as below, this utility only show you latest log it's like tail -f command on the web

For a full reference guide please go the IBM RedBook.

Interpret Common System Errors?

With ZD&T you have to remember it is full hardware emulation. So all the errors you get on z/OS 2.4 you can get with ZD&T so the same manuals apply to error abends. The only real thing you must look out of is space errors

Out of space error

The amount of space is fixed based on what you allocate to ZD&T and the most common error will be

“D37 = end of volume” which means you have run out of storage space”

You can create as many DASD volumes as you like but the golden rule is do not have your Devmap config greater than your underlying linux storage. You can of course add more disk space to linux

To check underlying file system run df -h and see if you have run out of linux storage.

Import Resources from Source Control into PopUp?

How to Import Resources from Source Control into PopUp from PopUp Mainframe.

Configure the License Server?

ZD&T License Server is required. Install instructions are here.

Make my PopUp look like my Physical Mainframe?

Applications should be built in PopUp to meet defined use cases (rather than trying to build / mirror an entire application). Parts of the application may need to be taken from different source locations e.g. some components from SIT 1 environment, some components from DEV 1 environment.

It is best to determine the smallest 'slice' of application to be fit for purpose. This reduces time spent porting and configuring data/apps, and reduces the footprint of PopUp.

Exact steps to be followed will differ for each different application. For further details, contact the PopUp team.

Integrate my Popup Mainframe with Delphix Continuous Data (Virtualisation)?

See Delphix Continuous Data Integration

Integrate my Popup Mainframe with Delphix Continuous Compliance (Masking)?

See Data Masking Overview

Integrate my Popup Mainframe with BMC CI/CD Tooling?

See BMC PopUp Mainframe

Run my PopUp Mainframe in the Cloud?

How to spin up a PopUp on Azure from PopUp Mainframe.

For full details, see Installing PopUp on Azure.

Mask Sensitive Data on my PopUp Mainframe?

Mainframe Masking Plugin for Delphix from PopUp Mainframe.

Secure my PopUp Mainframe?

Security is completely configurable based on user requirements.

Provided on the standard, stand-alone distribution of PopUp Mainframe are various RACF user and administrator accounts. We can provide a script to streamline the creation of new accounts.

ACF2 can be used in place of RACF if desired.

Troubleshoot Errors on ZD&T?

See Troubleshooting for details.

Page last revised on: 2023-05-15