System Requirements

Component PopUp Mainframe Requirements Notes
CPUs/Cores 2 CPUs (minimum)
1 CPU for Linux O/S and the other
for ZD&T
CPU reservation is strongly recommended
Memory 128GB Memory reservation is required
Storage 1TB The size of the OVA file will be 50GB.
You will need a minimum of 1TB of data for the image to install.
The OVA unpacks to 293GB but it has around 700GB of DASD
volume pre-defined. Depending on the application data, the
disk size should be increased to fit your needs.
Network Inbound Inbound port Allocation 22 (SSH)
3270 (Mainframe Terminal)
21 (FTP if needed)
Any other application ports that are required
Network Outbound Outbound port Allocation 1947, 9451 (PopUp License Server)
3390 (IBM Migration Utility)
21 (FTP)
NFS (connects to Delphix)
Any other ports if PopUp connects to external systems.

ZD&T License Server

ZD&T License Server is required. Install instructions are here.

ZD&T License Usage

Ingesting data into Delphix requires exclusive access to a PopUp Mainframe license. Once the data has been fully ingested you can shutdown the staging PopUp instance to free up the license. Whenever you replicate and provision a PopUp environment every concurrently running instance will require its own license. Branching does not require a license as it is a copy and does not change the underlying data sitting on ZD&T.

For example, If you were to provision a PopUp instance into ‘Dev’ that was updating Db2 and another user wanted to read and write data, you would need to have another PopUp license available to provision and run a second copy.

Delphix Specific Requirements

Integrating a PopUp Mainframe with Delphix for Data Masking and/or Data Virtualization will require additional hardware resources to be allocated to the PopUp Mainframe virtual machine.


It is our recommendation that you size the ZD&T server the same size as Delphix. The minimum memory size for Delphix is 64GB so we therefore recommend you size the same. We have found in tests in some instances, ZD&T does not require as much memory, depending on the workload you may be able to reduce the memory size even down to 16GB as this is the minimum for ZD&T to run.

To change the memory update devmap and IPL for settings to take effect.


We recommend 1 vCPU for every 2TB of data you work with. Therefore if you ingest 2TB you will need 1 vCPU whereas if you are working with 4TB you will need 2vCPUs for ZD&T.

Each vCPU you allocate will require a ZD&T license. Therefore if you allocate 2vCPU it will look to the license server for a minimum of two licenses before ZD&T will run.

Depending on the exact workload and speed requirements will determine how many licenses ZD&T will need.

To change the CPU allocation update devmap and IPL for settings to take effect.


Additional ports should be allocated if using Delphix. Check the Delphix Documentation for full details. Make sure to use the correct version of Delphix documentation.

Page last revised on: 2023-11-20