PopUp Mainframe Upgrades

There are several scenarios which might be considered an "Upgrade" to the PopUp Mainframe:

ZD&T New Releases

IBM releases new versions of their ZD&T software on a regular basis. We commit to building new PopUp Mainframe offerings whenever a new version of ZD&T becomes available in sympathy with IBM's release schedule. We will make announcements via LinkedIn when new releases are available.

Please consider following PopUp Mainframe on LinkedIn here to ensure you are kept abreast of such announcements.

Application Load / Refresh

Ensuring a PopUp Mainframe instance mirrors the applications hosted on a "real" mainframe will involve the potential to update application libraries as required. Such updates would typically rely on our standard migration utility although other options may be appropriate based on customer requirements.

Our standard data transfer approach is outlined here.

Data Load / Refresh

In much the same manner as application updates mentioned above, we would typically suggest using our standard migration utility approach to refresh data on the PopUp Mainframe as required.

Our standard data transfer approach is outlined here.

Additional Software

Tailoring the PopUp Mainframe to meet customer requirements may involve the installation and configuration of various third party applications. There are no technical restrictions on running such applications on a PopUp Mainframe. However, we always advise customers to ensure they will not be in breach of any software licensing agreements by installing such applications on the PopUp.

Page last revised on: 2023-03-30