Using PopUp Instances

Spawn PopUp Instance

Creating or instantiating an instance of your PopUp Mainframe Gold Image can be as simple as copying the image and moving that copy to a development or test environment using standard ftp or secure ftp protocols.

Customers in need of a highly optimized, storage efficient solution for spawning PopUp Mainframe instances may be interested in the Delphix Continuous Data solution which is discussed in further detail here.

Use PopUp Instance

The spawned PopUp Mainframe instance will typically be used to provide additional environment capacity and assist in development or testing activities but environment uses cases are limited only by an organization's own imagination (aside from production work loads and performance testing activities which are prohibited by the IBM ZD&T license). Creating isolated training environments is another obvious use case for instance.

Retire PopUp Instance

When the PopUp Mainframe has served its purpose it should be shut down (and possibly deleted if ongoing storage offers limited value) in order to free up the software license for the use of other project activities.

Page last revised on: 2023-03-07